What’s happening at MakEIC?

During our field trip to Uganda, we partnered with the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center at Makerere University (MakEIC). After we left, a lot has happened at MakEIC! We have been in contact with the manager of the center and our fellow PBL Uganda teams, and there have been people working or asking for advice at the center every day. The center has a list of contacts and partners in different areas of expertise, that students can be directed to wen they need help with developing their business ideas. Also, the painting of the outer walls of the building has continued!

Finished facade painting!

From March, there has been an entrepreneurship training program for teams that were successful in the Annual Student’s Entrepreneurship Expo (organized by the College of Business and Management Science at Makerere). Currently, there are also projects about urban farming working at the center and its yard. The center was opened just over six moths ago, and with the motivated group managing it, we believe that its journey will continue to be successful! For more information and pictures, follow Mak EIC on Facebook!

Urban farming
Urban farming

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