Where have we been?

Since we came back from the field trip, it has been quite busy! After a short break, we got back together and started to gather all the data from the trip. We shared all the notes from the tens of interviews and site visits we had on the trip and started organizing all the beautiful photos we had taken. It was nice to go through the whole experience again from a different perspective and remember all the wonderful, challenging and eye-opening moments we had just had!

In March, all the teams on the SGT-Studio course gave mid-review presentations. The idea was to showcase our process and learnings from the field trips in Pecha Kucha style. It was a new style of presenting for us, but we were really happy about the way it turned out! It was also the first time since the beginning of February that we got to meet all the other teams, and it was inspiring see how the different projects had developed. We got to share our experiences and ask questions and left with our minds full of new ideas and things to keep in mind for developing our own project.

After that, we have been working on our final reports and some other course deliverables. We will also have a public final event for the whole course at the Aalto University Learning Center in Otaniemi at 10am on May 15th, come an hear more about all the SGT-projects this year!

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