Day 3: Co-working inspiration and culture

Today we visited the Design Hub in Kampala, clarified the tangible goals of the field trip, visited Uganda National Mosque and ate Ethiopian food. It seems that the days roll by so fast here and looking back to the couple of days we’ve spent here, we actually have done a lot!

During our group work we re-framed our goal for the rest of the official part of the field-trip.
“By the end of our two weeks we have found and created an inspiring space for MAK projects and have tested it with the Makerere PBL teams.”

The Design Hub was very nice and we met and talked to many interesting people there. We also started to think about the motivations behind different co-working spaces, and how it affects the concepts of co-working and the people that want to work there.
We found out that there’s a super cool programme called Kampabits which aims to train marginalized youth from vulnerable backgrounds and improve their prospects to formal emplyment through a six-month programme. The curriculum includes ICT-, life skills- and sexual reproductive health rights training.

Presenting our goals to the other PBL teams.
Enjoying the sunset at Uganda National Mosque.

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