Day 2:”Building Bridges”

Many people greet each other saying: “hello, my name is X and I am always smiling even if there is no reason”. “Hey, how are you? I am Y and I at very good at drawing.”
So this is the second day in our PBL workshops — how can many things happen in only one day?

Self-appreciation and kindness as the base for the start of the day

The PBL workshops are made so that very tiny but yet important things are tackled, like celebrating mistakes or remembering things we love about ourselves.

Imagine you propose plans to your friend and the only thing she says is “No”. Imagine you propose plans for holidays to a friend and the only thing he says is “Yes, but”.What if he or she says “Yes AND”?

Pike and Riina

The first step to work together is building a common understanding. How many definitions can “safe” have? And “interaction”? How should we use those words so bridges can be built between different disciplines?

We have set 3 different stations to brainstorm on possible synergies between the goals and development of every respective project. 
Water cleaning filter + constructed wetland pilot + collaboration space = ?
we are looking forward to discovering it!

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