1st week: in a nutshell!

The focus on Friday was on planning the next week. We want to host workshops together with the two student teams from Makerere, to complement their project topics with our team’s knowledge and at the same time test our findings about good coworking practices. The workshops we came up with were “Business models”, “Human centered design”, “Cradle-to-cradle” and “Workshop facilitation”.

In the morning we planned these together with all the PBL students. They gave us suggestions about what they would like to get out of the workshops to support their projects, and the ones who were interested agreed on planning and hosting the workshops together with us. For some of the workshops, we also have ideas of visiting hosts, for example Bruce and Claire from the last year’s PBL team for the Cradle-to-cradle workshop.

Planning the workshops.
Bruce from the PBL team last year giving a motivational talk!

We also wanted to continue gathering data about coworking in Makerere by visiting some of the existing coworking spaces on campus and interviewing people. For this, we split the team during the lunch break. After lunch we finalized together the schedule for the second week. We have many exciting visits coming up next week!

Next week looks quite busy!

The first week went past really fast, but we feel like we had already been there for months. We had learned a lot and gotten many new ideas, and also become more critical towards what we see and hear. All the new information left us feeling quite confused about the direction we want to choose for our project. The long working days had taken a toll on most of the team members and we were happy to head to Sipi Falls and take some time off on Saturday and Sunday!

Ready for the weekend!

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