The Team

Who are we?

In November a smiling creative sustainability student, a cute water and environmental engineering student, a wise creative sustainability design student , a creative artificial intelligence student, and a caring creative sustainability student met for the first time. 

Together we form the Problem Based Learning (PBL) East-Africa Aalto University team in 2019.
Yes, that is a mouthfull but it basically means we are working on a PBL project together with Makerere University students in Kampala, Uganda. This project is part of a bigger collaboration between Aalto Global Impact and three East-African universities. The project is funded by the HEI ICI Programme of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. You can read more about this here.


What do we do?

Our goal is to find out what makes a good co-working space for Makerere students and test our findings by hosting workshops together with our partner student teams, around topics that are relevant for their group projects.

The main progress is made by spending two weeks in Uganda. In Makerere Univeristy we work tightly together with 11 students who are also part of the PBL East-Africa project this year. At the same time we connect with many other people, both inside and outside the university.


Tinka Valentijn


Passionate about how technology can solve societal challenges. Tinka has a very critical mindset that helps polish the smallest details to curate the global picture.

Riina Ruus


Talented graphic designer and natural listener. She is an expert in Human Centered Design and is able to map out connections to relevant stakeholders.


Sara Heikonen


Interested in global water related issues and modelling anything and everything. She likes taking lead on organizational tasks and finding ways to express ideas simply and clearly. 


Omar El Daghar


Adventurous and always ready for a challenge. He has creative ideas and the drive to make even the wildest ones reality. Omar keeps the group moving forward without forgetting to have fun on the way! 

Eva Duran Sánchez


Curious about almost everything and highly empathetic person. She is driven by social challenges and likes to contribute with ideas that fulfill everybody’s insights.